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John Gilkey
for Clarksville Town Councl
A conservative Democrat with
new ideas for Clarksville's future


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The election is over and you have chosen the new council, but the job is just beginning.

As president of the Town Council, it is important to have input from the community on a regular basis. Government does not operate in a vacuum, nor does the council have all the answers.

As residents of Clarksville we are all involved and we all have the responsibility to help make government work effectively.

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Why I ran for office
I've talked to focus groups and individuals throughout the town to make sure I know the issues that concern Clarksville residents. Through those meetings I've learned that people want lower taxes, more jobs, and strong leadership with vision. They want a close connection between the Town Council and the community. I'll provide that vision, leadership and connection. Join me in my effort to raise Clarksville to new heights, lower taxes, create new jobs, and build a stronger and more viable community.

John Gilkey

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